Since January is National Human Trafficking Prevention Month, a time to raise awareness and educate all members of society on how they can prevent and respond to human trafficking. It is also an opportunity to spread awareness, especially campaigning for the babies on Stereo.

We are planning a 24 hour nonstop panel (similar to a marathon) hosted by ANN members and other vital stereo members who will collaborate with ANN to bring the much needed awareness on stereo using our voices and our talents, to campaign for the babies.

The stereo community, especially ANN, is filled with talent. We are asking that we unite our voices, and provide your talent through performances live on stereo on each panel.

Each panel will consist of 6 people. Each person will read 20 missing children from their neighborhood Walmart (similar to the 9/11 memorial) as a reminder of the cruel reality that the babies are being trafficked and killed. We will work closely to accommodate each and everyone of the persons participating as we understand the time difference and our work and real life schedules may be compromised.

We are asking everyone to put aside their differences and unite on January 11, 2023. The children need us. This is a collaborative effort.


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